9. The Education/Indoctrination System & Media Propaganda.

  1. Children attend school to learn life skills; curriculum reform is needed to reflect this. Students need to be taught, to question, to think critically, to undertake methodical research, to investigate and to self-educate, across the lifespan – This is not being done. Who is developing the curriculum?
  2. Sexualisation of children: It’s time to end the sexualisation of children, their exploitation, their psychological abuse and conditioning in the promotion of agendas of special interest groups, NGOs etc. in the school environment. Noting that, as per the constitution, the family is the primary educator of children.
  3. Financial Education: for students “This will provide a foundation for students to learn about the basics of money management, understanding debt, understanding how to balance a checkbook, understanding the fundamentals of investing,”
  4. The Media: Mysteriously Covid essentially disappear over night. One day we were all going to die and the next day we were all free. The media was paid by Government, and in particular RTE, the so called State broadcaster. They, under Gov control, allowed only the Gov narrative and blocked debate on the lockdowns, restrictions etc. Do we ever get a balanced view, or are the same cohorts rolled out to proffer the controlled narrative continuously? Do the public need to select and elect the board of RTE?