The People’s Platform

A Movement for Extensive Political & Social Reform in Ireland

The following is an Extract from the
CONSTITUTION of the People’s Platform (PP)

The People’s Platform is established as an Unwhipped Political Party and equally a Support System for Independent Candidates who support the Guiding Principles and the Principle Objectives of the People’s Platform.

The Mission:
To begin the process of returning control of the country and the decision-making processes to the people of Ireland by creating and incorporating a system of self-governance/consultative-participatory democracy and to bring about extensive political and social reform in Ireland.

General Objective:

To bring about Extensive Political & Social Reform in Ireland:

Guiding Principles

  • The political decision-making processes belong solely to the people and has to be returned to them, thereby empowering them.
  • The Constitution of Ireland is the fundamental law of Ireland governing the State on behalf of the people, from whom all powers of government derive. It affirms the national sovereignty of the Irish people. It is to be adhered to by all institutions in, and of the State, and by public servants of the State.
  • The basic tenet of all law, ‘harm no other or their property’, applies to all in society, living and corporate.
  • The State Broadcaster should disseminate factual, unbiased and uncensored information; we will work to ensure that State broadcasts and press releases are factual and balanced and will work to address misinformation and disinformation in the public realm. (See also, Principal Objective 7.20)

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Note: The Constitution of the People’s Platform was ratified by a majority vote of the founding members at the inaugural AGM held on 3rd Feb 2022.