2. Lack of Affordable Houses and Affordable Accommodation and the Highest Mortgages Interest rates in the EU.

“…. house prices are currently climbing at almost 15% a year, with the national average price at almost €328,500 and almost €510,000 in Dublin.

Christian McCashin – 30/03/2022 Extra.ie https://extra.ie/2022/03/30/news/homes-inflation-owners-pressure

  1. Cuckoo/Investment funds, that are buying whole estates, excluding ordinary people buying & pushing up prices. Banned in Germany since 2007.
  2. Parasites & Cronies in the construction/housing system. One quarter of cost of the house, before a block is laid is going to Irish Water, Councils & ESB.
  3. Interest Rates on Mortgages in Ireland is highest in EU at 2.69%. EU average 1.29% (Dec 2021) https://www.rte.ie/news/business/2022/0209/1278760-mortgage-rates/
  4. Small builders and building contractors being squeezed out of construction market – unable to get loans & hindered by Council red tape and delays in connecting houses to water & electricity services.
  5. c. 9,000 people homeless in Ireland.
  6. Decline in home ownership by the adult population. The rate of home ownership in Ireland has been steadily declining for decades with the most recent Central Statistics Office (CSO) figures showing it has fallen from a peak of 79.3pc in 1991 to 68pc in 2016. https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/new-pension-scheme-needed-to-pay-for-generation-rent-who-will-never-own-a-home-when-they-retire-41501346.html
  7. Thousands of vacant/unused houses throughout the country and in rural towns.
  8. Generation Rent’; A new term for people will never own a home, because of decades of incompetence by Governments.
  9. Boom-Bust cycle creating, dysfunctional and unsafe Banking System. Creating booms & busts in the housing market via credit creation. Essentially a banking duopoly where deposit are not safe, as EU bail-in legislation is in place since 2012. (The Bank takes your deposits to save the failed bank; you get shares in a broke bank.)
  10. U.N. Agenda 21/2030: Other controls and influences on housing policies, however exercised, by vested interests and societies with interests and priorities contrary to best interests of the people & Irish Nation.
  11. “Data published by the European Construction Industry Federation states that 92% of activity in Ireland was completely stopped at mid-April (2020). This compares to 90% of construction running in Sweden,” Construction sites were closed in Ireland in the latter half of March due to Covid-19 restrictions. https://www.rte.ie/news/business/2020/0507/1137065-cso-home-completions/

The Business Retail Union of Ireland (BRUI) has for several years been exposing the issues, corruption & PARASITE’S in the construction industry

The BRUI is a Partner & Supporter of the People’s Platform.

Contact Joe at the BRUI – Email: bruireland@gmail.com

Irish Water & their part in the Destruction of the Construction Industry.

Housing crisis – The cats out of the bag 2020