1. Inflation/Cost of living.

Inflation in 2022

1. Transport

Transport up 15.4 percent, mainly due to a rise in the cost of

Diesel up 32.5 percent

Petrol up 30.3 percent

(Airfares up 42.3 percent)

Heating Fuels

Electricity, gas & other fuels up 12.7 percent, particularly,

Electricity up 22.4 percent

Gas up 27.8 percent

Liquid fuels up 53.7 percent

On a monthly basis, consumer prices went up 0.9 percent, driven by Clothing & footwear up 6.6 percent and increased transport costs.

Data Source: Central Statistics Office Ireland via


4. House prices

House prices are currently climbing at almost 15% a year, with the national average price at almost €328,500 and almost €510,000 in Dublin. https://extra.ie/2022/03/30/news/homes-inflation-owners-pressure

5. Global food costs

Global food costs jumped to a record in February and are up about 40% from two years ago.” Beth Bechdol, deputy director-general of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization. https://www.independent.ie/business/farming/agri-business/agri-food/soaring-prices-for-everything-used-to-make-food-globally-brings-more-inflation-41469681.html

6. Inflation Costs on Transport & Farming

Fuel for farmland preparation, planting & harvesting will increase food costs.

Fertiliser Cost; 300% increase in the price of many chemical fertilisers, for over six months. 23-3-2022 https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/independent-farmers-demand-public-enquiry-on-fertiliser-price/

Transport: Fuel accounts for more than 41% of the cost of running articulated lorry fleet.

In Ireland we pay approximately 60% tax on fuel.

7. Property tax & USC.

8. Local businesses provide c. 65% of all jobs and return more to the local economy compared to multinationals.

9. The threat of water charges looms under the current regimes.

Ireland is a Resource rich country:

High price and highly taxed fuels in Ireland, while the country is resource rich.

Ireland on the verge of an oil and gas bonanza https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/ireland-on-the-verge-of-an-oil-and-gas-bonanza-26291757.html