3. Jobs, Job Security & the Attack on the Productive Economy by the State & Attacks Facilitated by the State.

  1. Covid legislation closed local businesses and left multinationals open, transferred thousands of customers away from local businesses to mostly to foreign multinationals. Government and councils facilitate Multinationals ahead than local businesses. Councils driving local producers like farmers markets out of the towns.
  2. The continuous daily attack on the ‘productive economy’ in the form of taxation and commercial rates used to fund councils/the non-productive economy. Councils more willing to facilitate Multinationals ahead than local businesses. Small & Medium Size Businesses (SME’s) provide c. 65% of all jobs, yet being driven out of business by councils. Will Multinationals withdraw when the economy weakens?
  3. Commercial Rates; a struggling local business can be asked to pay as much commercial rated as a multinational supermarket chain outlet.
  4. Lack of support for Small & Medium Size Enterprizes (SME’s)– Unable to get loans or forced in overdraft situations. Loan refusal rate at 37% Q2,21, ISME. 65% of SMEs believe banks are making it more difficult for SMEs to access finance. Q2,21, ISME.
  5. Farming; We’re importing farm produce, while Irish farmers are subsidized not to farm. Other farmers, even of medium sized farms, cannot earn an average wage and are being driven off the land by unfair trading conditions, to be replaced by fewer, bigger, more intensive farms, and factory farms, as per the EU model.
  6. Our immigrants; Many of our best and brightest were forced to emigrated – We need to create incentives to bring them home.