Principles & Objectives

Guiding Principles of the PP

1. The political decision-making processes belong solely to the people and has to be returned to them, thereby empowering them.

2. The Constitution of Ireland is the fundamental law of Ireland governing the State on behalf of the people, from whom all powers of government derive. It affirms the national sovereignty of the Irish people.  It is to be adhered to by all institutions in, and of the State, and by public servants of the State.

3. The basic tenet of all law, ‘harm no other or their property’, applies to all in society, living and corporate.

4. The State Broadcaster should disseminate factual, unbiased and uncensored information; we will work to ensure that State broadcasts and press releases are factual and balanced and will work to address misinformation and disinformation in the public realm. (See also, Principal Objective 20)

Principle Objectives of the PP

1. To end the control of the Country, the Dáil and Local Government by compromised whipped political parties and their corporate and other masters.

2. To establish the first truly unwhipped Irish political party, the People’s Platform.

3. To create a Support Structure for Independent Candidates who support the Principal Objectives of the People’s Platform Movement and Party.

4. To replace compromised whipped party politicians with community selected ones who represent, and are accountable to their constituents, via a system of self-governance/consultative democracy.

5. To continue to develop and establish the ‘Committees for Reform’ and bring on
board Irish and International expertise to develop solutions and policy for use by the party and the independent candidates.

6. To ensure the Constitution of Ireland is upheld in its entirety in all business of the Dáil, by all institutions in, and of the State, and by public servants of the State.

7. To reinstate revised versions of Articles 47 & 48 of the 1922 Constitution – Citizen Initiatives; a constitutional process whereby national petitions can veto legislation and initiate new legislation.

8. To ensure as per our Constitution that, ‘the family (household) is the natural primary and fundamental unit group of society, and as a moral institution, possessing inalienable and imprescriptible rights, antecedent and superior to all positive law’.

9. To ensure the basic tenet of all law; ‘harm no other or their property’ applies to all in society, living & Corporate/State.

10. To facilitate true access to justice for people and accountability for abuse of rights, the PP will progress the implementation in legislation of, and compliance with the UN Bangalore Principles for ethical conduct of judges, i.e. Independence, Impartiality, Integrity, Propriety, Equality, Competence and Diligence.

11. To immediately introduce Collective Redress Lawsuits (Class Action Lawsuits) to Ireland. To be then used to address, e.g. the Mica and Pyrite crisis, Cervical checks scandal, Swine flu vaccine damage etc. etc.

12. To support the establishment of a comprehensive Community-Public Banking system in Ireland, to be begun immediately and completed within five years.

13. Reform of the health service to drastically reduce waiting lists, end waste, end duplication of effort and activity, and utilise equipment to full capacity. Less and better management is required. The Health Service is challenged to end the waste and make Healthcare effective and free at point of delivery.

14. To promote the use of and retention of physical cash in society as an alternative to the ECB planned (2024) Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) which is to replace all physical cash. CBDC will give the ECB, the Central Bank and Government complete control over and the ability to intrude into your every transaction.

15. To ensure there is no forced or mandated medical procedure on anyone in society, no requirement for, or reintroduction of a ‘Vaccine’ Passport, EU Digital Green Passport or Digital ID, and no discrimination. To end all mask mandates immediately, particularly for children.

16. To rescind all legislative power granted to the executive branch of government including emergency powers, and the granting of such powers in future to be referred to the people.

17. To end the sexualisation of children, their exploitation, their psychological abuse and conditioning in the promotion of agendas of special interest groups, NGOs etc. in the school environment. Noting that, as per the constitution, the family is the primary educator of children. Students need to be taught, to question, to think critically, to undertake methodical research, to investigate and to self-educate, across the lifespan.

18. To establish from the Committees for Reform, an Irish National Forum for Arts, Science and Knowledge.

19. To define and fulfil Ireland’s neutrality i.e., Ireland to hold a position of positive active neutrality with a functional ‘Defence Force’, and actively promote international global peace with justice; this to be enshrined in the Constitution of Ireland.

20. To strive for independence, impartiality and uncensored state media which is not sponsored or influenced by vested interests; the board of the National Public Broadcaster should be selected and elected by the public.

21. To end whipped political party control and influence, all public servants, such as county managers/CEO’s, judges, Seanad members etc. currently politically appointed, in future should be elected democratically by the public.

22. To provide psychological and practical support and to develop adoption services to best-practice-standards as a real option in crisis pregnancy situations.

23. To reject the introduction and operation of any form of Social Credit System to Ireland, such as the EU planned European Digital Identity (EDI) for use for climate or social credits, or for other oppressive or control purposes, as is used in communist China.