The People’s Platform

A Movement for Extensive Political & Social Reform in Ireland:

Your country, your future, your choice!

Our country and the political, corporate, legal and financial systems that control it, are mired in corruption, deception, fraud, waste and downright treason to the extent that now the people of Ireland have virtually no say in the operation or control of their country and are every day put further in debt.

Let us never forget the resources of the country, the land, fishing, minerals, gas, oil etc. all belong to the people of Ireland and the Government exists as per the Constitution of Ireland, (Bunreacht na h-éireann) to administer these for the benefit of the people.

At the core of this is the political system, where the people elect representatives who are supposed to work in their best interests, but once elected to the current system where there is no accountability, turn their back on them.

Core to the political problem is the whipped political party system that has essentially controlled the State since its foundation. These parties, while claiming to be working for the best interests of the people, continually sell them out to their cronies, corporate, foreign, international and global interests.

We all agree, except for the incumbents, that extensive political and social reform is required. The incumbents and most of the current so-called opposition will continue the status quo, with minor tweaks.

It is time for something new and radical that can over time return the control to the people and hold politicians and all public servants accountable for their actions.

Whipped political parties Out; Your representative In!

Please check out the People’s Platform Constitution; It is for you and is a constitution for change and for creating alternatives to the institutions that have failed us, robbed us, harmed us, destroyed our and our children’s future.


We welcome collaboration with, and input from other like-minded people, groups, political parties, independent politicians and political candidates, to develop mutually beneficial strategies that will return control to the people and improve the plight and prospects of the people of Ireland.

The People’s Platform is setup for the people of Ireland by a diverse group of people from backgrounds which include business, construction industry, education, banking, farming, Credit Unions, defence forces, communications technology, constitutional law and the public service.

Get involved,

Be the change, be part of the solution.